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[10/01/2019 @ 12:43 AM CT] Fare gone. Removing from deal list.

United has round-trip flights from Seattle (SEA) to Grand Cayman (GCM) for $395-$415 with a connection. Flights in November, January, February, and March. Departures on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Origin/Destination reversible.

Note: United “Basic Economy” fares do not include a free carry-on bag. Only a personal item (like a small laptop bag) is free. Seats are randomly assigned for free prior to boarding. If you have the United MileagePlus credit-card, use the “free checked bag” perk.

Note: The personal item size on United flights is smaller (9-in/10-in/17-in) than Frontier or Spirit (8-in/14-in/18-in).

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Cayman Airways and American Airlines have round-trip flights from Chicago (ORD) to Grand Cayman (GCM) for $392-$402, NONSTOP. Flights June, July, August. Weekends available. Origin/Destination reversible.

Note: Carry-on bag and seat selection is allowed for free on Cayman Airways, but the flights are Sunday departures with Sunday returns.

Note: Carry-on bag is allowed for free on American Airlines. You can avoid paying for seat selection by accepting the randomly assigned seat at the gate.

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