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Airfare Deals Delta Flights from Portland Kailua SkyTeam Star Alliance United

Airfare Deals Flights from Portland Kailua Star Alliance United

Delta has round-trip flights from Phoenix (PHX) to Kailua (KOA) for $266 with a connection. Flights September to November. No Weekends. Departures on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Origin/Destination reversible.

A negative COVID test result is required for entry. Must register on Hawaii Safe Travelers website: We were able to get our COVID “Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW)” at Walgreens.

Click for more details and booking links Cheap Flights: Phoenix to/from Kailua-Kona $266 r/t [September-November] – Delta

Airfare Deals Delta Flights from Phoenix Kailua SkyTeam

Hawaii is currently restricting travel to its islands. At the start of the COVID pandemic Hawaii closed its borders as much as it could, but now it’s possible to enter without quarantine if you have a valid COVID test. At the moment, one cannot simply jump on a plane to Hawaii, you have to follow their rules. We made this post to inform y’all of the steps required to enter and to prevent unnecessary stress.

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