Follow us on Mastodon.Social for instant flight deal notifications

Follow us on Mastodon.Social for instant flight deal notifications.

  • How do I get setup?
  • First: Install a Mastodon app. There are several to choose from. The default Mastodon app is the easiest to set up, but lacks some of the features that some third party apps have. If you’re not sure which one to install, go with the default, then as you become more comfortable with how Mastodon works, switch to a more featured app that has better notification handling.
  • Second: Select a Mastodon server that will host your profile. No matter what server/instance you choose to join, you can talk to any user from any other server/instance.
  • Third: Follow the Escape Flights Mastodon accounts for the cities you want to receive a notification on. Links: [New York] / [Chicago & Milwaukee] / [Los Angeles & Metropolitan Airports] / [Seattle] / [Portland] / [Denver] / [Phoenix] / [Atlanta]
  • Fourth: If you’re using an app that allows you to setup notifications for our page, then set it, and you should get instant notifications to your phone whenever we send out a new flight deal.
  • What is Mastodon? Mastodon is decentralized social media. Very similar to Twitter, but with the following major differences: First, It’s ad free. Second, There isn’t a content algorithm, it’s just a stream of posts in chronological order from the people you decide to follow.
  • Why should I do this? It gives you faster notification about our deals than traditional social media, without the extra noise, and without an ad algorithm harvesting your data. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram will no longer be required. If you’re planning to dump Facebook or any other social media, it will give you an alternative way to receive airfare deal notifications.
  • How is this different than notifications from Facebook or Instagram? Facebook and Instagram notifications are inconsistent and slower. Facebook and Instagram also run their ads in your feed. Facebook will only put a fraction of our posts in your daily feed due to their content algorithm deciding that you’ve “seen enough” of what we post.
  • How is this different than notifications on Twitter? Not much different. Twitter notifications are about as fast as Mastodon, but Twitter has Ads, and a content algorithm will add extra content to your feed from sources that you don’t follow in a non-chronological order. If you’ve already setup Twitter notifications and you’re happy with them, stick with it.
  • How is this different than notifications on Telegram? Mastodon is closer to traditional social media, while Telegram is more like a social messenger app. Our Telegram channels are broadcast only. No one in the Telegram channel can see other channel members. It’s more private in that respect. Whereas Mastodon is closer to Twitter, in that you can see the people that follow us, and if they have a Mastodon page, you can follow them also if they allow it.
  • How is this different than the e-mail notification list? Mastodon is way faster. E-mail can take anywhere between 10-minutes to 3-hours before a notification arrives in your Inbox, with Telegram we’re seeing notifications pop-up within 10-seconds after we post the deal on our website. If you’re only relying on our notifications via E-mail, we highly recommend that you join our Mastodon page or Telegram channel.
  • Are you going to quit posting to Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, or Instagram? No, we will continue to post all of our notifications to those feeds, just like we always have.
  • How many notifications will there be? That depends on how many deals were found. You’ll get a notification each time a deal gets posted, and sometimes we post several in a day. Notifications are “opt-in” so if you don’t want notifications sent to you, you’ll unclick the notification bell on our Mastodon page. Mastodon will have the same posting frequency as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, our Web Page, and our E-mail list.

Interested? Join with any of these links: [New York] / [Chicago & Milwaukee] / [Los Angeles] / [Seattle] / [Portland] / [Denver] / [Phoenix] / [Atlanta]